Blogmas 2020 Day 17: 2021 Reading Challenges And Goals

Welcome to day 17 of Blogmas guys! The time has come for me to set some reading goals and to sign up to some reading challenges. Finally. Listen, I know this year didn’t go as planned, but in all honesty… I do have fun with these challenges. Anyway.

The goals I have are…pretty straightforward. My goal is actually to just read backlist books. That includes older ARCs, yes hides from Soph. I will probably read a few 2021 releases, but I do plan on having most of my 2021 reads be books released pre-2019. For no other reason than the fact that my TBR is huge, no matter if you count my physical shelves or my e-book collection. And I really want to make a dent in those numbers. So I want to have at least 80% of the books I end up reading be backlist books. As for the challenges…well, keep on reading!

The 2021 Audiobook Challenge is hosted by That’s What I’m Talking About and Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s my third time doing this challenge, and like always I have a ton of fun doing this challenge. There are 9 levels this year to chose from. Like last year, I know a good chunk of my reading will be done by audio, so I’ll just go ahead and pick the 9th level, called The 100 Club (Audiobook Elite) 100+. My goal is to read at least 100 audiobooks.



Reading The 20s

This was a challenge I made for myself this year but… 2020. So my goal is going to be to try this again this year. I’m more confident that I’ll manage to do the thing. As last year, I’ll rely mostly on audiobooks, freebies, and public domain books. I’m aiming low, only 12 books so far, and in case I’ll update my goal.


Beat The Backlist 2021

The Beat The Backlist challenge is hosted by NovelKnight. For 2021 the ladies at NovelKnight are aiming for a very easy, no stress version of the challenge. Honestly, I’m excited for a relaxed version. I always failed in participating in the challenges and the prompts, just because I am a mood reader. As in previous years of doing this challenge, I’m aiming to read at least 12 books for this challenge.




This year I’m actually keeping things easy, as you can tell. I’m officially only signing up to these three challenges. Other than that, I still plan on doing my annual “New Authors” challenge. In case you don’t know, this challenge used to be hosted by the ladies at Literary Escapism, and I always had fun discovering new authors. As usual, I’ll aim for 100 new authors in 2021 as well.

Aside from that, I’ll definitely set a Goodreads goal and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this year we’ll have a pretty color (Please let it be red!). I’m also keeping my eyes out on whatever readathons I can find and if there’s going to be a 2021 edition of Romanceopoly.

Let me know which challenges are you guys signing up to and what are your reading goals this year!

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